Bubbling in the waiting room

4 03 2014

Several ways to look at the current down-time – it might be a welcome chance to catch one’s breath, or it might be limbo while waiting for the next shoot of new growth to sprout…

But some things continue apace, like Have You Heard? on WSLR, for example. Mind boggling to apprehend we’re on Week 46 of weekly broadcasts. It’ll be a year before you know it. Our goals include moving up to a 10 minute show from our current 5 minute format.

This week we go over a slew of musical events happening around Sarasota and in her libraries. But I also mention a Fogartyville event to which I’m looking forward:

“True Heroes of Florida, with T.D. Allman”

Finding Florida cover art








After a brief span hearing Mr. Allman on WMNF, Community Radio up in Tampa, FL, I’m looking forward to a fuller interaction with this controversial historian in our community here. Sunday, March 9, 5 PM at 525 Kumquaat Ct., Sarasota, FL  34236. Aloha!







S.T.E.A.M. Trivia afterthoughts

4 05 2013

My son Nolan did a bang-up job leading our first High School S.T.E.A.M. Trivia Competition. Maybe the organizer (his dad) didn’t do as well at promoting it.
But that’s okay for this first pilot attempt.

Nolan put all the questions on a powerpoint slide and the next slide included the answer. So, for visual learners and sound-oriented learners, they could either hear or see the question.


We were prepared for teams up to 5 people. We ended up with a total of 5 competitors on 2 teams. Since both teams had some adult coaching during the competition, I gave out all 5 first place prizes to all of the young people.

But the interaction between the teens and adult coaches was instructive.
There were great “teaching moment” possibilities.

And I learned just what awesome quantities of pizza teens are capable of consuming! 🙂

One team (all young ladies) chose the name “The Vixens” for their team. The other team name was inspired by a local mascot (see image below)


We’ll shoot for another High School event in the fall and, hopefully, use better promotional options (including some video footage from last Thursday’s gathering). And we hope to expand to a separate event for middle school teams, too.

Special thanks to members of the North Sarasota Library Teen Advisory Board, too, for help in “leveling” the questions, along with their help getting the word out.

Lots going on at present, so more here soon!

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