A Home with a Name?

11 03 2016

Moving aboard a boat again would mean regaining a home with a name. Boats have names. Carolyn and I own a boat now that might be large enough to inhabit. What new folds and wrinkles of reality might accompany such a move?

My limited knowledge of named homes spans types, reasons and purposes.

For example: The House on Pooh Corner provides a location and a clue to ownership. Bag End also covered both purposes. Tara (Gone with the Wind) was perhaps an homage and an attempt to characterize the estate?

blog photo

Our boat is named Kuokoa. A quick search suggests that in Hawaiian, this means Independence/Liberty and in Swahili it means self-sufficiency. The home port on the transom (Seattle) isn’t even accurate any longer as she’s moored in Tacoma. But she is our old lady.

Somehow I doubt she’ll ever take on the mythic stature of, say, Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street address, or Windsor Castle. But with appropriate maintenance, she affords us the opportunity to sail with orcas and grey whales en route to visit the San Juan Islands, gunkholing Puget Sound, cruising to Vancouver and to (even) Alaska. Now it’s just a question of finding the time and the $$$ to go…  🙂




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