Shaking off the Rust

10 07 2014

2 happy years at North Sarasota Library and, in addition to all the happy stuff (great teammates, great leadership in our organization, consistent successes), I’m now about to realize something I felt was meant to be way, way back when I was starting to volunteer here.

radio librarian

I’m staging “Conquerin’ John” (one of my SideWalk Chalk street theater/folktale trunk shows) at the library for families to enjoy.

And I haven’t seriously directed anything in quite a few years. So, I’ll be trying to flake off the rust to get back to my actual skills during the rehearsing of it. And I’m ending up acting in it, too. That’s not my ideal circumstance.

The other 2 (lovely) actors are relatively inexperienced. And I’m asking them to venture into a unique and demanding style of performing.

I could comfort myself by saying, “Be careful what you wish for” but that would be the easy way out.

It’s important to me to offer a high quality, entertaining event for those who’ll be in attendance.

And there are possibilities for future performances that might ensue from a successful performance this first time in Sarasota.

Much of the pressure and anxiety may be arising from the fact that we haven’t begun rehearsing. When we’re actually at work, we feel as if we’re doing something about the challenges and obstacles (perceived or literal) in our path. Until we’re actually doing something, our conscience will be kicking us in the butt and yelling at us go “get a move on!”   🙂

Take good care, everybody. Fingers crossed please.

And please don’t forget to check out the 5 minute radio show (now in Year 2) “Have You Heard?” on WSLR (96.5 LP FM, Community Radio in Sarasota). It airs Wednesday evenings around 6:25 PM and Friday mornings around 8:55 AM and can be streamed from the station’s website:

Back episodes can be heard as podcasts from PodOMatic. And you can find the show’s Facebook page at Have You Heard? on WSLR  (Twitter = @HYHwslr).




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