Spinnaker anyone? (Quantity versus quality)

12 01 2014

Okay, I said I’d blog more regularly. But I didn’t make any promises about the content of those offerings.

So, I have this spinnaker for sail –

Very pretty, but ineffective for our boat

Very pretty, but ineffective for our boat

It’s a North, nylon, tri-radial, symmetric spinnaker originally cut for a Ranger 26 sailboat. The luff and leach are in the neighborhood of 33′ + and the foot is 19′ + and the exact specs are available on the Craigslist ad I’ve placed for it. Asking price is $625.

You may recall my friends and I dropped out of an overnight regatta last spring after we’d been beat up pretty thoroughly in a dusting of weather. I’d rushed to find some kind of used spinnaker so we’d have one for this race.

We’d have been better off without one. Saving the $$$ for the right sail would’ve been a wiser choice.

Right now, as we continue to wait for the new mast from California, we have an opportunity to get the boat back on track in other ways. “Howevah” no sailing since the end of July 2013 is a kind of prison sentence. I mean no disrespect to my incarcerated brothers and sisters. I only intend to generate the feeling that life without sailing is a kind of punishment like that – being trapped on land and deprived of the liberty and joy of freely plying the waters and dancing with the wind & waves.




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