Resolved: to blog more regularly…

4 01 2014

There’s been too much to blog about during the Autumn.

We lost another manager at North Sarasota Library – a sudden and shocking loss. It flashes back for most of the staff to the loss of Yvette (see “Saint” post).

My colleague Dr. Lonnetta M. Gaines is retiring January 10 – this is a tough loss and will take a while to adapt – she’s among the very best collaborators with whom I’ve ever teamed up. We were very effective together and I loved working with her. But she’s more than earned her retirement and I’m grateful for the time we had. And we all wish her the very, very best from here forward.

So, change is in the air – more people to hire. And “Have You Heard?” continues on WSLR (96.5 LP FM – Community Radio in Sarasota, FL). Our Facebook page for the show will be public shortly. Podcasts of back episodes are available on PodOMatic.

The new mast for our sailboat (old one snapped in late July) is reportedly ready to ship from California – can’t wait to go sailing again.

And we added a great new member to our team. Meet Amanda (Dr. Mo) Morrison:

A coupla librarians sitting around talkin'

A coupla librarians sitting around talkin’













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